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Heavy plate for structural steel engineering

The DI-MC, DILLIMAX and DIWETEN brand steels have been specially developed to meet the needs of modern structural steel. The use of these high performance steels gives designers unprecedented creative liberty. Thermomechanically rolled DI-MC structural steels combine excellent weldability with high strength and exceptional toughness due to their lean alloy composition. This gives planners increased safety.

Our longitudinally profiled plates (LP plates) have thickness profiles varying over the length of the plate and are precisely matched to the stress pattern. They therefore reduce costly welds while simultaneously achieving a reduction in material consumption and time. This has proven its worth, for example, in bridge constructions: by adapting plate thickness to the deflection line, large beams can be produced efficiently, and the fatigue strength of the construction increases.

Benefits at a glance

  • Increased planning safety
  • Wide range of dimensions
  • Excellent weldability
    • lower processing costs
  • Higher strength steel grades
    • efficient use of resources
    • slimmer designs
    • larger span widths
    • bolder geometries
  • Thickness profile adapted to deflection line (LP plate)
    • less welds
    • shorter construction times
    • increased fatigue strength
  • Easy to process weather-resistant steels

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