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Heavy plate for pressure vessel and boiler engineering

Whether for processing, storage or transport by rail, road and water, we will find the right solution for the most diverse media in power generation or in the midstream and downstream processes. We are a world leader in products for pressure vessel and boiler engineering.

As a qualified manufacturer, we are recognized by all major decision-makers in the oil & gas, energy and chemicals industries. Our experienced employees are sought after experts when it comes to setting industry standards and regulations. That’s why you can rely on us for complicated designs and individual specifications in exceptional projects. Our product range
includes alloyed Cr-Mo steels in extremely wide plates for seamless heads, CrMoV steels for pressurized hydrogen resis-
tant reactors, and unusually thick and heavy plates for heavy duty pressure equipment. Our DICREST steels are ideally suited for the construction of pressure equipment in sour service. With steel solutions developed individually for you, we can meet practically all conceivable additional specification requirements. All our steels for pressure vessels and boilers conform to the relevant international standards and codes of practice. Save time and eliminate difficult initial working and processing operations. Dillinger can supply you with edge-machined plates or plates cut to net size and/or bent to service radius, or semi-finished shell sections.

Benefits at a glance

  • Wide range of grades
  • Extreme formats
  • Depending on the chosen grade and requirement profile
    • Thickness: up to 300 mm
    • Width: up to 5,200 mm
  • Item weights up to 48 t
  • Highest toughness
  • Temperature resistance
  • Cost-effective production due to special properties
  • Maximum weight saving
  • Custom special solutions

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