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Heavy plate for line pipe

Depending on the project requirements, we develop a heavy plate design that is perfectly matched to the production conditions in the pipe plant and provides the highest possible level of safety.

For this purpose, we use optimized analysis concepts with a high degree of purity, which are cast into slabs of the highest quality in our vertical continuous casting plants.

State-of-the-art rolling and cooling concepts ensure precise adjustment of the material properties. Our thermomechanically rolled plates for pipelines impress by particularly fine grain structures as well as outstanding strength and toughness with very good weldability. For special applications, we offer quenched and tempered heavy plates. The main area of application of the longitudinal welded tubes with a diameter of up to 56 inches is the transport of natural gas. Whether corrosive sour gas, large wall thicknesses for offshore pipelines in deep waters or high toughness for use in arctic regions – Dillinger offers the solution.

Benefits at a glance

  • Heavy plates for gas pipelines
    • Plate thicknesses up to 65 mm
    • High strength
    • High toughness in impact tests
    • Meeting drop weight tear test requirements at low test temperatures
    • Fulfillment of crack expansion requirements in the CTOD test at low test temperatures
  • Plates for the transport of corrosive sour gas
    • Grades up to X70 / L485
    • HIC resistance even with high cold deformation after pipe production
    • D-TECT: Surface check for Local Hard Zones using eddy current technology
  • Plates for offshore pipelines
    • Grades up to X80 / L555
    • Adjustment of mechanical requirements also in the longitudinal direction
    • Meets increased requirements for crack resistance
    • Yield strength with limited stretch

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