meerkat - symbol image of Dillinger for heavy plate in the earthmoving machinery and mining sector

Heavy plate for earthmoving machinery, mining and mechanical engineering

The world’s leading manufacturers of earthmoving and mining machinery rely on Dillinger’s wide range of standard grades and branded steels. Even when it comes to challenging tasks with extremely heavy custom plates or demanding special specifications, we are the longstanding, well-established partners. Our reliable compliance with agreed internal and external quality levels ensures that the plates can be optimally processed. We combine this reliability with tailored flexibility in delivery logistics. Dillinger Group’s Steel Service Centres can help to ensure punctual delivery logistics, and in the event of very short-term demand, more than 150,000 t of Dillinger quality plates are available for retrieval.

Benefits at a glance

  • Wide range of grades
  • Standard grades
  • Dillimax
    • Yield strengths of up to 1,100 MPa
    • For maximum loads
  • Dillidur
    • Hardness from 325 to 600 Brinell
    • For highest wear stresses
  • Diplan
    • Guaranteed flatness over the entire rolled plate
  • Custom special specifications
    • Extreme thicknesses
    • Large dimensions
    • Extra-heavy precision-cut plates
  • Processing upon request
  • High delivery flexibility

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